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Uwe Kolbe Die Lüge

A mercilessly compelling analysis of wildly different, self-imposed ways of life in a dictatorship

The son is a talented composer, living in that quarter of the city which draws so many artists. One knows one another, works together, celebrates, drinks, loves. The father – connected, in his own way, with culture – had left the son, back in the day. But however many marriages and children follow, he is attached to his eldest, is interested in his way in the world. And now that the son is on the brink of fame, his father is at the door again. And so the two of them circle one another in their house built of truths and lies.
In his shockingly rigorous novel, Uwe Kolbe searches for answers: morality – what is it? Duty – where does it stop? Shame – who feels it?

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