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Achtung: Räuber gesucht!

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FISCHER Sauerländer
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ISBN 978-3-7373-6367-9
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The small island Ignatia is in turmoil: Constable Ravensnest is ill! For several years there hasn’t been one robber to catch – who would be surprised that the constable feels useless and gloomy? “It can’t go on like this,” Finn thinks to himself, “someone has to do something about it!” So, he goes on the quest to find a robber for the constable. It goes without saying that this is easier said than done, and that it is quite dangerous…

About Udo Weigelt

Udo Weigelt - was born in Hamburg in 1960. He studied history and German literature in Hamburg and Kiel. He has been writing for children since 1989, and his picture books have been published in many languages. He lives at Lake Constance.

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Udo Weigelt
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Achtung: Räuber gesucht!

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