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Allein unter Dieben – Meine verrückte Verbrecherfamilie und ich

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FISCHER Sauerländer
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ISBN 978-3-7373-5143-0
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Meet the notorious Cheesybeer Clan!
Edward Cheesybeer is 13 years old and a master thief. At least that’s what his crazy family of criminals believes. In fact, Edward has different plans: he wants to lead a decent life. What a catastrophe! The rest of the Cheesybeer Clan is not amused. But Edward has only just taken on his first decent job when his evil boss starts blackmailing him: he wants to force Edward to steal a giant diamond for him! But after a turbulent showdown, it is the blackmailer who ends up behind bars…
A wonderfully crazy family story teeming with bizarre characters and laugh-out-loud moments: The Cheesybeer Clan is definitely the funniest family of criminals the world has ever seen!

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Allein unter Dieben – Meine verrückte Verbrecherfamilie und ich

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