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Das bessere Leben

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A metaphysical thriller on the 21st century and the ghosts of the past
At universities in the US, in Frankfurt, in Moscow young people once discussed, fought for, and tried to live a more just world and a better future. But their hopes have gone up in smoke; history took a different path; progress is uncertain. We live in an apparently incomprehensible world: the former revolutionaries have become managers, caught up in dubious deals between Milan, South America, and China. Have they betrayed their ideals? What does it mean to lead a good life in this world? What would a better life be? Jochen Brockmann is a sales manager. But the bank is no longer offering loans, Indonesia isn’t investing, China has made a take-over bid. Then Sylvester Lee Fleming appears on the scene, as saviour, seducer, tempter. Has he been sent by the devil or is he merely a psycho?

About Ulrich Peltzer

Ulrich Peltzer, born in Krefeld in 1956, studied philosophy and psychology in Berlin, where he has lived since 1975. He has published the novels Die Sünden der Faulheit (1987), Stefan Martinez (1995), Alle oder keiner (1999), Bryant Park (2002) and Teil der Lösung (2007). His work has won numerous awards, including the Prize of the SWR-Bestenliste, the Bremen Literature Prize and the Berlin Literature Prize. Teil der Lösung was nominated for the Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair in 2009. Ulrich Peltzer was invited to hold the Frankfurt poetics lectures in winter semester 2010/2011.

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Ulrich Peltzer
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Das bessere Leben

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