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Die Königin und ich

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ISBN 978-3-7373-6132-3
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The Queen & Me

“If children must leave this world, they come to me,” says the queen. The little girl is comforted by this. She is very ill and knows that she will not live much longer. For some time now, the queen has been coming to visit. But that is supposed to remain a secret. The two of them have lots of fun together, even when the girl has a high temperature and does not feel well. And when the time comes, it no longer feels difficult to go along with the queen.

A child invents an imaginary character who helps her to overcome her fear of dying.

> A sensitively written book for children about death

> For families affected by a death

About Udo Weigelt

Udo Weigelt - was born in Hamburg in 1960. He studied history and German literature in Hamburg and Kiel. He has been writing for children since 1989, and his picture books have been published in many languages. He lives at Lake Constance.

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Udo Weigelt
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Die Königin und ich

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