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Ist das Kafka?

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ISBN 978-3-10-075135-5


On his explorations of libraries and archives, on research trips to Prague and Israel, the Kafka biographer Reiner Stach comes across many incredible items: hand-written inconsistencies, unexpected photographs, extracts from letters and reports from Kafka’s contemporaries, all of which shed a surprising light on Franz Kafka’s personality and writing. The book Ist das Kafka? compiles Reiner Stach’s 99 most exciting finds with his knowledgeable commentaries.

About Reiner Stach

Reiner Stach was born 1951 in Rochlitz/Saxony. After studying Philosophy, Literature and Mathematics he worked as a science editor and publisher of non-fiction books. He has written the monograph ›Kafkas erotischer Mythos‹ and edited Kafka’s letters.

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Ist das Kafka?
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