Undine Zimmer

Nicht von schlechten Eltern - Meine Hartz-IV-Familie

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ISBN 978-3-10-092592-3


A memoir of a childhood on the fringes of society

We are the sum of our experiences. For children whose parents are on welfare, however, the experiences they miss out on carry just as much weight: family vacations, field trips, music lessons, or even just the occasional ice cream cone.
This was Undine Zimmer's reality. In a masterful style distinctly her own, she relates what that reality meant: her parents, considered "incompatible with current Human Resource requirements," teachers who pity her, out-of-touch case workers, fear of being humiliated and the constant feeling of exclusion. She goes beyond clichés and allows insight into a world which is often talked about, but which few actually know. A subtle and authentic report showing that equal opportunities and a society beyond class boundaries are still distant goals in Germany.

"It takes courage to dream if no one gives you hope. And the fear that despite all my efforts I will fail and be forced to live my parents' life has never left me, not for one second."
Undine Zimmer

About Undine Zimmer

Undine Zimmer, born 1979, studied Scandinavian Languages, Modern German Literature, and Publishing in her hometown of Berlin. After writing for Zeit, AVIVA-Berlin, and other publications, she now works as a free-lance journalist. Her essay "Meine Hartz-IV Familie" ["My Welfare Family"], published in Zeit, was nominated for the 2012 Henri-Nannen-Prize. She lives in Berlin and Reutlingen.

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Undine Zimmer
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Nicht von schlechten Eltern - Meine Hartz-IV-Familie
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