Lara Schützsack

Und auch so bitterkalt

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ISBN 978-3-596-85619-0
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"I feel like at any time, there's at least one person somewhere in the world thinking about my sister's eyes," muses Malina, who loves her older sister desperately. Malina tells the story of Lucinda, who is beautiful, hungry for life, starlike: just as bright, just as beautiful, and just as unreachable. Lucinda seems to live in a different world, to follow her own ruthless rules. Whoever loves her must be content never to be truly close to her. That's just how stars are. And sometimes, without warning, they fall out of the sky and burn up.

> For all John Green fans
> An outstanding literary debut
> A new voice in Young Adult Fiction: authentic, urgent – a book that gets under your skin!

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Lara Schützsack
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Und auch so bitterkalt

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