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ISBN 978-3-596-29658-3


The story of socialism as a futuristic thought experiment – as only Dietmar Dath can write it

Several centuries in the future, the planet Venus becomes the site of a vast social experiment. The goal: to determine whether humans, robots, and networked AIs can live together as equals. After rising up to throw off their earth government, the new regime’s politician and programmer Leona Christensen sets up a dictatorship. The Triumph of Venus tells its story from the point of view of an adolescent in the elite of the new order: Nicholas Helander is the son of the Culture Secretary, Christensen’s right hand man. His life and love, and his political journey through loyalty, opposition, and war become part of a larger narrative of freedom, terror, prohibitions, and emancipation in an environment of highly advanced technology.

About Dietmar Dath

Dietmar Dath, born in 1970, is a writer, translator, musician and publisher. He currently works as a film critic for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. His novel The Abolition of Species was shortlisted for the German Book Award in 2008.

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Dietmar Dath
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