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Bernd Gieseking, born 1958 in Minden/Kutenhausen, enjoys travelling, particularly in cold regions: the Arctic, Greenland, Svalbard – and Finland, of course. Which makes it lucky that his younger brother falls in love with a Fin and moves to Lahti. The more than 50 year-old author is thus treated to a family road trip with his old parents, all the while experiencing plenty of both every-day and extraordinary adventures to fill an entire book.
When Gieseking isn’t travelling, he is most likely moderating for radio, art and caricature exhibits or writing: newspaper columns for the taz’ “Truth” section, children’s radio plays for the WDR, as well as literary-satirical one-man-shows such as his year-end-review Ab dafür! – performing which, he travels again.
Fischer Taschenbuch has published: Finne dich selbst!, Das kuriose Finnland-Buch – Was Reiseführer verschweigen, as well as Gefühlte 30.

Bernd Gieseking
Foto: Thomas Rosenthal

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