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180 Grad Meer

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ISBN 978-3-10-002494-7


It’s rare that Jule can truly relax. All the rage which she has accumulated over the years is too close to the surface for that. So she tries to sidestep as many problems in her life as she can. She’s no longer in contact with her father; if given her way, she’d ignore the phone calls from her depressive mother; and her job feels more and more like pulling teeth. Her boyfriend is her one place of refuge – but when even that safe haven is threatened, she flees to the UK, where her brother lives. But there, she runs into her father unexpectedly, and Jule realizes that she must finally confront the problems in her life.
180° of Sea is typical Sarah Kuttner: with an open, irreverent narrative style, she manages to shine a light on all of life’s bizarre little details. But in its choice of topic, her latest work is more courageous and existential than ever.
A tragicomedy about the will to live life to the fullest.

About Sarah Kuttner

Sarah Kuttner was born in Berlin in 1979 and works as a television presenter. She came to fame with her shows Sarah Kuttner – Die Show (VIVA) and Kuttner (MTV) and has also worked for Germany’s prestigious public television channel ARD on several occasions. Her most recent appearances there were Kuttners Kleinanzeigen and Ausflug mit Kuttner. Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag has published collections of her columns for the Süddeutsche Zeitung and Musikexpress. Mängelexemplar (2009) was her first novel, spending almost a year on the bestseller list. Her second novel, Wachstumsschmerz, was published in 2011. Sarah Kuttner lives in Berlin.

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Sarah Kuttner
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180 Grad Meer

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