Alexander Steffensmeier

Das große Lieselotte-Kochbuch

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FISCHER Sauerländer
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ISBN 978-3-7373-6482-9
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Have great fun cooking with Lieselotte!

Lieselotte and her friends present their favourite recipes with precise instructions. At the same time, children learn a lot about the farmyard: What does Lieselotte like best? What does the farmer’s wife harvest throughout the year and which delicious dishes can you prepare with the crop?
Some things go wrong, of course: pancakes don’t always end up in the frying pan, pudding boils over quickly – but the hens always have tips for making everything turn out deliciously.

About Alexander Steffensmeier

Alexander Steffensmeier was born in the region of East Westphalia in 1977. He studied illustration at the design department of the Muenster School of Arts and began working as a freelance illustrator during his studies. He has his own blog:

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Alexander Steffensmeier
Foto: Frischmuth/Packwitz
Das große Lieselotte-Kochbuch


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