Alexander Steffensmeier

Das große Lieselotte Weihnachtsbuch

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FISCHER Sauerländer
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ISBN 978-3-7373-5239-0
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Christmas with Lieselotte

Little fans of the likeable cow Lieselotte will thoroughly enjoy this Christmas Colouring Book. They can colour all the farm’s inhabitants, design wrapping paper, decorate Christmas cookies, build snowmen and, of course, decorate the Christmas tree.
24 colouring pages, colourful stickers and a big colouring poster make waiting for Santa Claus a real treat.

> Have fun colouring and doodling with the popular cow Lieselotte
> The perfect small gift during Christmas time
> With colourful stickers and posters

About Alexander Steffensmeier

Alexander Steffensmeier was born in the region of East Westphalia in 1977. He studied illustration at the design department of the Muenster School of Arts and began working as a freelance illustrator during his studies. He has his own blog:

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Alexander Steffensmeier
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Das große Lieselotte Weihnachtsbuch
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