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Lieselotte im Schnee (Mini-Ausgabe)

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ISBN 978-3-7373-6004-3
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Snowed under with work: Lieselotte accompanies the postman on his round and helps him to deliver all those Christmas presents. After a long day’s slog, with only the presents for her own friends in her satchel, she’s finally heading for home, weary and exhausted. But it’s been snowing all the while, so Lieselotte goes astray, loses her bearings and can’t find her way back home. Yet, all’s well that ends well, and if you want to find out how she manages to be home in time for the Christmas celebrations you’ll have to read Alexander Steffensmeier’s new picture book.

"[Lieselotte], the delightful different bovine star [...] returns for another adventure [...] The tale offers dramatic pacing and a dry wit, but the illustrations are laugh-out-loud funny. Sharp-eyed children will delight in the antics of the other farm animals, but "moo-velous" [Lieselotte] in her woolen cap is the star of this show." - Kirkus Reviews, starred review.

About Alexander Steffensmeier

Alexander Steffensmeier was born in 1977. He studied illustration at the design department of the Münster School of Arts and began working as a freelance illustrator during his studies. His picture book series featuring the cow Lieselotte is one of the most successful picture book series by a German author and has been translated into over 20 languages. He has his own blog:

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Alexander Steffensmeier
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Lieselotte im Schnee (Mini-Ausgabe)


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