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Wer versteckt sich hier, Lieselotte?

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14 Pages, Pappebuch
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FISCHER Sauerländer
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ISBN 978-3-7373-5081-5
3 years up


There’s something hidden behind every fold-out page! And it isn’t always what Lieselotte thinks it is, either. She’s playing hide-and-seek with her friends on the farm, and it’s her turn to seek. Who is that hiding behind the hen house? Is it the chickens? No, lifting the flap reveals the goat. And there, behind the pile of firewood, isn’t that the pig’s curly tail? Wrong again: it’s the pony! There’s a surprise hidden behind each flap, making this game of hide-and-seek with Lieselotte fun for even the youngest child.

About Alexander Steffensmeier

Alexander Steffensmeier was born in the region of East Westphalia in 1977. He studied illustration at the design department of the Muenster School of Arts and began working as a freelance illustrator during his studies. He has his own blog:

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Alexander Steffensmeier
Foto: Frischmuth/Packwitz

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Wer versteckt sich hier, Lieselotte?


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