Alfred Döblin

Die beiden Freundinnen und ihr Giftmord

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FISCHER Taschenbuch
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ISBN 978-3-596-90463-1


Döblin’s legendary murder story
A young woman poisons her husband in conjunction with a friend. What made them do such a thing? What symbiosis is behind the murder? Alfred Döblin tells the haunting tale of one of the Weimar Republic’s most prominent crimes, transforming the true story of a poisoning into a radically open literary text that directs its scepticism not only at the judgements of the courts and the press, but also at its own narrative.

About Alfred Döblin

Alfred Döblin, born in Stettin in 1878, opened a medical practice in Berlin in 1911. Döblin’s first major novel was published by S. Fischer in 1915/16. His greatest success was the novel Berlin Alexanderplatz, also S. Fischer, published in 1929. In 1933 Döblin emigrated to France and from there to the USA. After 1945 he initially returned to Germany but then moved to Paris with his family in 1953. Alfred Döblin died on 26 June 1957.

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Alfred Döblin
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Die beiden Freundinnen und ihr Giftmord
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