Alfred Döblin

November 1918

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448 Pages,
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FISCHER Taschenbuch
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ISBN 978-3-596-90468-6


Bürger und Soldaten 1918 deals with the first few days after the German Republic was proclaimed: a historical transition period when anything appears possible. The plot focuses on the severely injured former soldier and classicist Friedrich Becker, a man deeply disturbed by the Great War who asks after the meaning of his life and the possibility of lasting peace.

’With this monumental exile work, Döblin reached the summit of his creativity in the field of the historical novel.’
Gabriele Sander, Kindlers Literatur Lexikon

About Alfred Döblin

Alfred Döblin, born in Stettin in 1878, opened a medical practice in Berlin in 1911. Döblin’s first major novel was published by S. Fischer in 1915/16. His greatest success was the novel Berlin Alexanderplatz, also S. Fischer, published in 1929. In 1933 Döblin emigrated to France and from there to the USA. After 1945 he initially returned to Germany but then moved to Paris with his family in 1953. Alfred Döblin died on 26 June 1957.

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Alfred Döblin
Foto: Archiv S. Fischer Verlag
November 1918
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