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Alfred Rosenberg

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ISBN 978-3-10-002387-2


The first complete edition of the long-lost diaries of Alfred Rosenberg, chief ideologue of the National Socialist Party in Germany.

Lost since 1946, the diaries of the NSDAP’s Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg were only recently discovered. For the first time, they are presented here as a complete edition, with commentary by renowned historians Jürgen Matthäus and Frank Bajohr. Rosenberg’s writings show that his role in preparing and executing the Holocaust has long been underestimated: one of the party’s most virulent anti-Semites in its founding days, he supported the genocide until its last moments. This key document offers important insights – from the perspective of one directly responsible for the Holocaust – into the dynamics of violence created by the National Socialist regime.

“More than almost any other National Socialist leader, Rosenberg was deeply and fervently committed: until the very end, he believed what he preached.”
Jürgen Matthäus und Frank Bajohr

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Alfred Rosenberg
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