Clemens Meyer

Als wir träumten

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ISBN 978-3-596-17305-1


They are dreaming of their football team’s promotion, of true love and a better life waiting for them somewhere. Rico, Mark, Paul and Daniel grow up in post-socialist Leipzig, in a quarter whose centre is the brewery. Every night they roam about the streets, celebrating, rioting, running away from skinheads, parents and the future, using their fists to fight for recognition and killing time. They go on the booze, they steal, feel wrecked, play it cool and dream of a life of their own. All their attempts to break out end up in the corridors of the local police station. Full of passion, fury and courage they are gambling away their lives in a hopeless rebellion making it difficult for readers to get the haunting images of night-time Leipzig, the boxing matches, the hopelessness and hope of this novel out of their minds. “Meyer is much too young of course. But that’s the way it is with good writers. They suddenly turn up and their grey haired colleagues start scratching their heads: how come he’s so good at it already?”Sten NadolnyShortlisted for the Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair

About Clemens Meyer

Clemens Meyer was born 1977 in Halle (Saale) and now lives in Leipzig. His debut novel, Als wir träumten, was published in 2006, followed by Die Nacht, die Lichter: Stories in 2008, Gewalten: Ein Tagebuch in 2010, and the novel Im Stein in 2013. His work has won him numerous awards, including the Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair; Im Stein was shortlisted for the German Book Prize and won the Bremen Prize for Literature. In 2015, Clemens Meyer and Thomas Stuber were awarded the German Screenplay Prize for In den Gängen. Andreas Dresen’s film adaptation of Meyer’s first novel, Als wir träumten, competed in the 2015 Berlinale.

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Clemens Meyer
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Als wir träumten


Clemens Meyer
Als wir träumten
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