Jörg Maurer

Am Abgrund lässt man gern den Vortritt

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416 Pages, Klappenbroschur
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ISBN 978-3-651-02519-6


Only the alpine winds know the whole truth
Inspector Jennerwein’s most adventurous case – bestselling author Jörg Maurer’s tenth alpine crime novel

Ursel Grasegger, retired funeral director in an idyllically located spa town, is worried: her husband Ignaz has disappeared without a trace. Did he fall while out hiking? Or was he abducted? When a ransom note threatening his life arrives, Ursel asks for Inspector Jennerwein’s help – unofficially. While Jennerwein follows a lead deep into the alpine region, his team examines a suspicious death at a clinic. A witness claims to have seen Ignaz there. Jennerwein questions which side of the law he is on during his investigation …

About Jörg Maurer

Jörg Maurer was born in Bavaria. He studied German, English, theatre and philosophy and has received numerous awards, both as an author and musical cabaret performer. Jörg Maurer is a No.1-bestselling author.

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Jörg Maurer
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Am Abgrund lässt man gern den Vortritt


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