Andre Wilkens

Der diskrete Charme der Bürokratie

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ISBN 978-3-10-397254-2


Learn to love Europe again – Confessions of a passionate European. We have a lot to thank Europe for: liberty, positive visions of utopia, border-free travel. Andre Wilkens tells its stories: stories about Europe, about people in Europe and about himself. Not abstract ideas, but personal experiences. About football, music, architecture and much more – even Habermas and Angelina Jolie manage to get a word in. Because Europe needs a new narrative, one which is better, more exciting, more modern, more personal. With all the ingredients that make a good story.

About Andre Wilkens

ANDRE WILKENS graduated in Political Sciences and spent many years living in Brussels, London, Turin and Geneva, working for the EU, the United Nations and various foundations. He initiated and is a founding member of the European Council for Foreign Relations. He lives with his German-English family in Berlin.

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Andre Wilkens
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Der diskrete Charme der Bürokratie

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