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Der halbste Held der ganzen Welt

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256 Pages,
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FISCHER Kinder- und Jugendbuch E-Books
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ISBN 978-3-7336-0229-1
8 years up


Paul is ten and unfortunately, he is neither tall nor strong. Nor is he brave. Those are all reasons for Matze Motzmann to make Paul’s life at school a living hell.

It just cannot go on like this! But Paul would never have dreamed of how his life actually takes a turn: In the school’s loo, of all places, Elvira Meier appears.

Elvira is a professional fairy and she promises him – a miracle. All he has to do is go pick it up. Where? In Bielefeld of course, at the town hall, third floor, and then right to the left. He is not to worry: a real hero will accompany him. Paul is absolutely thrilled. That his companion actually is not Superman but a grumpy, tubby elephant is only the beginning of the craziest, most charming and most chaotic hero’s journey that the world has ever seen.

An imaginative adventure story with a fearful boy and a grumpy elephant who are looking for a true miracle – and find friendship.

About Andrea Schomburg

Andrea Schomburg was born in Cairo and grew up in the Rhineland. She has been writing poems for as long as she can remember. A first poetry collection was published in 2007 and more followed. Andrea Schomburg lives in Hamburg.

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Andrea Schomburg
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Der halbste Held der ganzen Welt
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