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Duden 6+: Einschlafreime für ganz Kleine

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ISBN: 978-3-7373-3288-0


16 Pages, Pappebuch
publishing house:
FISCHER Duden Kinderbuch
publication date:
ISBN 978-3-7373-3288-0


The very first rhymes for the youngest

- Affectionate rhymes for the emotional moments when playing, cuddling and falling asleep
- An ideal little present for new moms and dads
- Motivates babies gently to repeat and talk

About Andrea Schomburg

Andrea Schomburg was born in Cairo and grew up in Germany. She has been writing poems for as long as she can remember. Her first collection of poetry was published in 2007. Andrea Schomburg lives in Hamburg.

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Andrea Schomburg
Foto: Agnieszka Kosakowska.
Duden 6+: Einschlafreime für ganz Kleine
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