Andrea Schomburg Illustriert von: Barbara Scholz

Neu in der Familie: Chamäleon Ottilie

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FISCHER Sauerländer
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ISBN 978-3-7373-5455-4
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Paul and Anna Sausebier terribly want to have a pet. But their parents say No. They are not aware of this, however: Disguised on the carpet, under pillows, the chameleon Ottilie already lives with the family. Unnoticed and well hidden, sometimes dotted, sometimes mottled. Until something unexpected happens: The chameleon changes her colour to a green check pattern – and stays like that. Now she is visible! What will happen to her now? After all, the parents did not want a pet!? Do they have to give Ottilie away immediately? Animals only make a mess, don’t they…?!

A turbulent, affectionately told and funnily illustrated family story.

About Andrea Schomburg

Andrea Schomburg was born in Cairo and grew up in Germany. She has been writing poems for as long as she can remember. Her first collection of poetry was published in 2007. Andrea Schomburg lives in Hamburg.

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Andrea Schomburg
Foto: Agnieszka Kosakowska.

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Neu in der Familie: Chamäleon Ottilie
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