Andreas Rödder

Wer hat Angst vor Deutschland?

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ISBN 978-3-10-397238-2


How strong can Germany be? How weak can Germany be? Why is a German leadership so difficult – and what oppor- tunities does it provide? Germany faces a dilemma. Everyone expects it to take over the political leadership. But if it does so, there is an immedi- ate allegation of German domination. The renowned historian Andreas Rödder tells the story of the ambivalent feeling that a strong German nation generates among its neighbours ever since the end of the 19th century. How can the country face these fears and conflicts today? How can German power and European common good be com- bined? And how can Germany use its position in Europe to position itself in the world? Andreas Rödder guides the his- torical analysis through to up-to-date proposed solutions. Written by the historian and SPIEGEL bestseller author Andreas Rödde

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Andreas Rödder
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Wer hat Angst vor Deutschland?
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