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Der Himmel kommt später

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ISBN 978-3-10-403156-9
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In a calm and warm manner and with lots of humour, Angelika Glitz tells the touching story of a wonderful friendship, a story about life and death. Effortlessly, she manages to conjure a smile into the reader’s heart.

Louise, nicknamed Lulu, needs money. She is saving up to buy inline skates. When her father asks her to keep her old aunt company on Tuesday afternoons and get paid for it, she agrees immediately. Besides, then she doesn’t have to take any more of those unwanted flute lessons. Aunt Hilde may be ancient but you shouldn’t underestimate her. The more often Lulu goes to visit her, the more she likes it. And eventually it’s Lulu’s turn to make Aunt Hilde’s biggest wish come true.

About Angelika Glitz

Angelika Glitz, born in Hanover in 1966, worked in marketing for several years before doing what she always wanted: writing children’s books. She lives near Frankfurt with her husband and three children and writes for TV, radio and film as well.

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Angelika Glitz
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Der Himmel kommt später
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