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Mit einer Katze nach Paris

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ISBN 978-3-7373-5436-3
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The cat Rosalie is looking for a travel companion. She wants to go to Paris. So Ronald, the little mouse, comes exactly at the right time. She quickly grabs him, puts him in her convertible and rushes off. Ronald thinks he is being kidnapped. And while he is terribly afraid of being eaten the entire time, Rosalie has totally different plans. She buys delicious French cheese for a picnic underneath the Eiffel Tower and is arranging a fun sightseeing tour. Ronald remains suspicious until Rosalie actually gets caught in a mouse trap. And instead of running away, Ronald saves the cat. What a fantastic day in Paris!

About Angelika Glitz

Angelika Glitz, born in Hanover in 1966, worked in marketing for several years before doing what she always wanted: writing children’s books. She lives near Frankfurt with her husband and three children and writes for TV, radio and film as well.

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Angelika Glitz
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Mit einer Katze nach Paris
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