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ISBN 978-3-10-490354-5


A book that searches in vain for an equal – and possibly in vain for its narrator …

Who is Kirio: an oddball, a madman, a saint? His trail first appears in the South of France and is lost in the German town of Hanau during the time of the Brothers Grimm. Kirio enjoys walking on his hands – and in fact generally turning everything on its head. He talks to the rocks and the bats as naturally as to other people, works miracle after miracle and never notices. So who is Kirio? And who is the voice telling us about him? Anne Weber’s new novel reads like a modern legend of a saint, and as a poetic exploration of the boundaries between heaven and earth.

About Anne Weber

Anne Weber was born in 1964 in Offenbach and lives in Paris, where she is an author and translator. She translates from German to French (amongst others Wilhelm Genazino and Sybille Lewitscharoff) and from French to German (including works by Pierre Michon and Marguerite Duras). She has published “Ida invents gunpowder”, “In the beginning was” “First Person”, “A Visit to Cerberus”, “Gold in the Mouth”, “Air and Love”, “August”, and in Autumn 2012, the novel “Valley of Splendours”. Her work has won numerous prizes, including the Heimito von Doderer Prize, the 3sat Prize, and the Kranichsteiner Literature Prize. Anne Weber writes in German and French, and her books are published in France and Germany.

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Anne Weber
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