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Über den großen Fluss

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FISCHER Sauerländer
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ISBN 978-3-7373-6052-4
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Cross the Big River

“I have to go now”, said the hare, “and I cannot take you with me.”
Saying good-bye to the hare forever makes the raccoon very sad. The text and the illustrations of this sensitive picture book give room to grief, but also tell how the friends left behind support each other and find new courage in their vivid memories of the hare. At the end of a hard day, which brings the friends closer together, they fall asleep late at night, feeling confident and comforted.
Farewell at the big river deals with hope beyond death in a fascinating and unpretentious way, without confining human confidence by dogmas. Thus, this picture book is ideal for groups with children from all kind of different families and backgrounds.

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Über den großen Fluss

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