Arno Strobel

Das Dorf

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368 Pages,
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FISCHER Taschenbuch
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ISBN 978-3-596-19834-4


Welcome to the village you can never leave …

Panic, fear for her life – that, it seems to Bastian Thanner, is what he hears in the voice of his friend when she calls him completely unexpectedly. It has been a year since he has seen her, since she left head over heels and without any explanation. But now she needs his help desperately. Bastian does not hesitate. He searches for Anna and finds a mysterious village on the river Müritz. There are clues everywhere that point to Anna, but no one is able to help him – or no one wants to. Until Bastian witnesses a dreadful meeting, and encounters the man who knows exactly what has happened to Anna …

About Arno Strobel

Arno Strobel, born in 1962 in Saarlouis, is among Germany’s most successful thriller writers. All his thrillers are bestsellers. Before concentrating completely on writing, he spent many years working for a large German bank in Luxembourg. Arno Stobel lives near Trier with his family.

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Arno Strobel
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Das Dorf


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