Arno Strobel

Das Skript

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FISCHER Taschenbuch
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ISBN 978-3-596-19103-1


Line for line, a deadly story…
A student receives mysterious lines through the post – written on human skin. The police suspect a former bestselling author, who wrote a novel in which a serial killer cuts young women’s skin from their bodies. Rejected by all the publishers, has he decided to rewrite the beginning of his novel in a gruesome manner? That would gain his work the attention he believes it deserves. The writer himself blames a mentally ill fan, who ‘recreated’ crimes from his novels several years ago and was never caught. History appears to be repeating itself…

• Over 200 000 Arno Strobel books sold to date
• As remorseless as Adler-Olsen, as intelligent as Sebastian Fitzek
• Bestseller campaign on release

About Arno Strobel

Arno Strobel, born in 1962 in Saarlouis, is among Germany’s most successful thriller writers. All his thrillers are bestsellers. Before concentrating completely on writing, he spent many years working for a large German bank in Luxembourg. Arno Stobel lives near Trier with his family.

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Arno Strobel
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Das Skript




Arno Strobel
Das Skript
FISCHER Taschenbuch
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