Arno Strobel

Das Wesen

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ISBN 978-3-596-18632-7


The Aachen police receive an anonymous tip-off that a little girl has disappeared. Starting their investigations, Detectives Seifert and Menkhoff get a surprise: the father of the allegedly vanished child is Dr. Joachim Lichner, a psychiatrist whom they arrested 14 years previously for the murder of a four-year-old girl. In a spectacular trial, he was convicted to a long prison sentence on circumstantial evidence. When the detectives confront him with their new suspicions, Dr. Lichner denies even having a child. He says he is innocent, just like the last time. Does someone want to put him behind bars a second time round – for a crime he did not commit? Why is Detective Menkhoff so determined to prove that Lichner has committed another crime so many years later? And why does the psychiatrist end up giving more and more contradictory statements in every interrogation when it comes to the subject of his former girlfriend? An embittered psychological duel takes its terrible course…

About Arno Strobel

Arno Strobel, born in 1962 in Saarlouis, is among Germany’s most successful thriller writers. All his thrillers are bestsellers. Before concentrating completely on writing, he spent many years working for a large German bank in Luxembourg. Arno Stobel lives near Trier with his family.

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Arno Strobel
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Das Wesen




Arno Strobel
Das Wesen
FISCHER Taschenbuch
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