Arno Strobel

Im Kopf des Mörders - Kalte Angst

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ISBN 978-3-10-490155-8


An unknown person is breaking into apartments and houses randomly, attacking the residents. When he disappears, he leaves behind a dead body. No one sees him arrive or leave. Above all, nobody knows whether he choses his victims according to a pattern or by chance. Max Bischoff, the youngest detective of the homicide division in Düsseldorf, profiling expert and passionate runner, starts to investigate and comes across a highly intelligent and particularly dangerous opponent, who appears to be following a set target. And if he wants to prevent further murders, Max Bischoff has no choice but to play the game – even if he is pushed to the limit of his own mental health.

About Arno Strobel

Arno Strobel, born in 1962 in Saarlouis, is among Germany’s most successful thriller writers. All his thrillers are bestsellers. Before concentrating completely on writing, he spent many years working for a large German bank in Luxembourg. Arno Stobel lives near Trier with his family.

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Arno Strobel
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Im Kopf des Mörders - Kalte Angst


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