Arno Strobel

Im Kopf des Mörders - Tiefe Narbe

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368 Pages,
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FISCHER Taschenbuch
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ISBN 978-3-596-29616-3


Max Bischoff is the new guy in the Homicide Division of the Düsseldorf police, and his very first case will test him to his limits: A man shows up at the police station covered in blood – the blood of a woman who has been missing for years and declared dead. Everything points to him as the woman’s murderer but the police have to let him go for lack of evidence. Yet Bischoff knows that the case is far more complex than it looks at first glance. And then a murder takes place and Bischoff faces the biggest challenge of his career …

True to form, Strobel cleverly plays with our most basic fears, giving his story unexpected twists and turns and defying the reader’s expectations.

About Arno Strobel

Arno Strobel, born in 1962 in Saarlouis, is among Germany’s most successful thriller writers. All his thrillers are bestsellers. Before concentrating completely on writing, he spent many years working for a large German bank in Luxembourg. Arno Stobel lives near Trier with his family.

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Arno Strobel
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Im Kopf des Mörders - Tiefe Narbe


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