Christoph Ransmayr

Atlas eines ängstlichen Mannes

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The ‘Atlas of a Fearful Man’ is a unique story, divided into seven episodes and crossing continents, times and spiritual landscapes. Each time, the narrator pauses for breath, and then begins again: “I saw…” – before leading his audience into the furthest and the closest places on earth: into the shadow of Java's volcanoes, the rapids of the Mekong and the Danube, across the high arctic pack-ice and over the Himalayas’ mountain passes, and all the way to the magical islands of the South Sea.

About Christoph Ransmayr

Christoph Ransmayr was born in Wels, Upper Austria in 1954, and studied philosophy in Vienna, where he lives today, having spent many years in Ireland and travelling. In addition to his novels, Die Schrecken des Eises und der Finsternis, Die letzte Welt, Morbus Kitahara (“The Dog King”), Der fliegende Berg and Atlas eines ängstlichen Mannes, he has also published ten books which play with narrative forms, including Der Weg nach Surabaya, Geständnisse eines Touristen, and most recently Der Wolfsjäger. He has won numerous literary awards for his books, including literary prizes named after Friedrich Hölderlin, Franz Kafka and Bert Brecht, the PremioMondello, the Prix du Meilleur livre étranger and, jointly with Salman Rushdie, the European Union’s Prix Aristeion. His work has been translated into more than thirty languages.

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Christoph Ransmayr
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Atlas eines ängstlichen Mannes
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