Beate Teresa Hanika

Erzähl mir von der Liebe

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ISBN 978-3-8414-2101-2


For most young models, fame and glory come to an end towards the end of their twenties. And what then? Can you still find a place in life when you have lived on a roller coaster for the most part of your youth?

The downsides of a dream-come-true form the backdrop of this charming love story.

At the end of her career as a model, there is a longing in Leni for something she cannot put her finger on. Might someone be waiting for her still? How will she be able to find a place for herself in the “real” world? When she meets Levi, her longing for a “normal” life intensifies, but they have to overcome various barriers before they can embark on this normal life together.

About Beate Teresa Hanika

Beate Teresa Hanika, born in 1976, secured her place in the hearts of both readers and press with her highly sensitive debut Learning to Scream. She received several nominations and awards for this book. She lives with her family near Regensburg.

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Beate Teresa Hanika
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Erzähl mir von der Liebe

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