Beate Teresa Hanika

Rotkäppchen muss weinen

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ISBN 978-3-596-80858-8
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He calls her Little Red Riding Hood when he sees her riding her bike down the hill with a basket on the handlebars. Little Red Riding Hood – because the basket contains wine and food for her grandfather, whose loneliness is just an excuse. Little Red Riding Hood – because the path out of the forest is dark and stony. Little Red Riding Hood – because the wolf has long since staked his claim on her…

With great empathy and sensitivity, Beate Teresa Hanika tells the story of a girl in great need – but also of a friendship as broad as the sky and a love as tender as feathery snowflakes.

‘A book that gives courage. Courage to face the truth and speak it aloud. Clear, precise and poetic.’
Mirjam Pressler, presenting Hanika with the Oldenburg Award for Children’s and Young People’s Books, 2007

About Beate Teresa Hanika

Beate Teresa Hanika, born in 1976, secured her place in the hearts of both readers and press with her highly sensitive debut Learning to Scream. She received several nominations and awards for this book. She lives with her family near Regensburg.

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Beate Teresa Hanika
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Rotkäppchen muss weinen
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