Beate Teresa Hanika + Susanne Hanika

Jenseits des Schattentores

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ISBN 978-3-7336-0173-7
14 years up


Rome, the Eternal City: A seventeen-year-old girl stumbles onto a murder scene and falls head over heels in love with a rough guy. A young assassin plays a game with two mafia clans and pursues her very own goals. The ancient goddess Persephone observes everything through her silver ball and can finally no longer stop herself from interfering in the events of the human world. With fastpaced storytelling, Beate and Susanne Hanika lead the readers into a breathtaking adventure that doesn’t even stop at the gates of the underworld. Surprising, funny, magnificent – and romantic!

About Beate Teresa Hanika + Susanne Hanika

Beate Teresa Hanika, born in 1976, secured her place in the hearts of both readers and press with her highly sensitive debut Learning to Scream. She received several nominations and awards for this book. She lives with her family near Regensburg.

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Beate Teresa Hanika
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As of now, Susanne Hanika has published five crime novels for adults and has been writing for young adults with her sister Beate Teresa Hanika. It is very important for her to convey to teenagers a sense of enthusiasm for reading. She lives in Regensburg.

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Susanne Hanika
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Jenseits des Schattentores
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