Benjamin Lebert

Die Dunkelheit zwischen den Sternen

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ISBN 978-3-10-397312-9


Where can home be found between hope and despair? No one can write about this like Benjamin Lebert.

Kathmandu in April 2015, nine days before the massive earthquake. Shakti, Achanda and Tarun are living in a children’s home that feels like a home of sorts to them. They dream of relatives, a foster family, and a motorcycle, and get a glimpse of happiness. Their parents had sold them into indentured servitude and prostitution, but one day, they managed to escape. They’re led to believe that they’ll now be okay, but, of course, they know better. They’re alive, they don’t trust anyone, they’re searching for a path through the darkness, and aren’t aware of how little time they still have. With unflinching candour and full of hope, Lebert writes about a world that is usually inaccessible to us.

About Benjamin Lebert

Benjamin Lebert lives in Hamburg. His first novel Crazy appeared in 1999. It was translated into 33 languages and made into a film by Hans-Christian Schmid. He has written five other novels. He spent some time working for an aid organisation in a children’s home in Nepal, and his new novel is about these children and their lives.

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Benjamin Lebert
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Die Dunkelheit zwischen den Sternen

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