Bernd Perplies

Der Drachenjäger - Die erste Reise ins Wolkenmeer

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ISBN 978-3-10-490205-0


In the city of Skargakar, on the shores of the mysterious Cloud Sea, the people live from hunting dragons, sheer endless numbers of dragons in the hazy white expanse beyond the big cliff. Even Lian does his part. As a grinder of crystals, he processes the magical Kyrillian crystals that lift the hunters’ airships. However, one day Lian makes a dangerous man his enemy and is forced to flee Skargakar. In his desperation, he hires on with the next best airship whose captain takes him along. This soon proves to be a mistake: because Adaron, the fanatic captain of the Carryola, isn’t hunting just any dragons. His goal is the father of all dragons, Garganthuan himself, a creature of legend – and he is willing to sacrifice everything for this hunt.

About Bernd Perplies

Bernd Perplies, born in 1977, studied film science and German in Mainz. His most well known works include the Magierdämmerung trilogy and the Tarean saga. He was awarded the German Speculative Fiction Prize 2015 for Imperium der Drachen: Das Blut des Schwarzen Löwen.

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Bernd Perplies
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Der Drachenjäger - Die erste Reise ins Wolkenmeer
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