Bernd Perplies

Der Weltenfinder - Die zweite Reise ins Wolkenmeer

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ISBN 978-3-596-70116-2


The sea of clouds harbours a lot of secrets...

Long before humans and their airships existed, ArChaon ruled the world. They founded an unimaginably mighty civilisation and unravelled the secrets of the cosmos with their magic. But their quest for knowledge was so great that one day they made a disastrous mistake – and the sea of clouds engulfed them, at least according to the legend. When the scholar and adventurer Corren von Dask comes across a map showing the mystical city of ThausnasRa, he gathers the bravest adventurers of the coastal lands and equips an aircraft expedition. It is going to be a journey into the dark recesses of the sea of clouds. But is it really a good idea to disturb what has been resting for eons?

About Bernd Perplies

Bernd Perplies, born in 1977, studied film science and German in Mainz. His most well known works include the Magierdämmerung trilogy and the Tarean saga. He was awarded the German Speculative Fiction Prize 2015 for Imperium der Drachen: Das Blut des Schwarzen Löwen.

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Bernd Perplies
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Der Weltenfinder - Die zweite Reise ins Wolkenmeer
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