Bernhard Hennen

Die Chroniken von Azuhr - Der träumende Krieger

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ISBN 978-3-596-70489-7


The inhabitants of Cilia Island are threatened with being crushed between the all-powerful Khanat and the empire of Empress Sasmira. A shadow lies across the entire Azuhr world.  

Hunted by the White Queen’s Nebelwolf (Fog Wolf), Milan, the archpriest Nandus Tormeno and the secretive Nok set off in search of a second red monastery, where the highest ranking archpriests are educated. Together they come across an ancient plot, whose aim it is to manipulate the young empress as well as powerful Khan. A battle lies ahead, the outcome of which will be determined by the dreaming warrior – the one who is prepared to sacrifice everything for his vision of a better world.  

About Bernhard Hennen

Bernard Hennen, born in Krefeld in 1966, is a Germanist, archaeologist and historian. He worked as a journalist for various newspapers and radio stations and has travelled around Central America, the Orient and Asia. The first two parts of this trilogy entered the Spiegel Bestseller List straight after publication.  

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Bernhard Hennen
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Die Chroniken von Azuhr - Der träumende Krieger
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