Birgit Reimann + Henriette Dyckerhoff

Die Großstadt ist mein Revier

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ISBN 978-3-8105-1631-2


Birgit Reimann compellingly recalls her most moving cases from more than 30 years of police duty. At the same time, she lets her experienced eye roam over our society and explains how crimes happen and what needs to be done about them. Big City Beat is a critical, honest, and personal look by an experienced policewoman at violence in society.

About Birgit Reimann + Henriette Dyckerhoff

Birgit Reimann's career with the Hamburg Police began as a beat cop in 1982. After completing her education, she worked as an inspector before switching departments to devote herself to violence prevention and victim protection. For several years she worked in the State Office for Criminal Investigation into Child Pornography. In addition, she was active in the union and the crisis intervention team of the German Red Cross. Today she works as a chief inspector in the Hamburg Police Department.

Henriette Dyckerhoff studied philosophy and sociology in Oldenburg. Since 2008 she has been working as a free-lance writer and editor.

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Birgit Reimann
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Die Großstadt ist mein Revier
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