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Magic Marta und der Wunderkater

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ISBN 978-3-7336-5108-4
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Imagine you start at a new school and the only one who talks to you is a magic cat that is invisible for everyone else.
When Marta meets Jen at the new school, she knows immediately: she wants to be best frieds with her at all costs! But then everything goes wrong. Already after a few minutes the entire class laughs about Marta – and Jen laughs the loudest. That’s a case for the miracle cat, Hieronymus! The magical rascal with the big mouth knows exactly what Marta is capable of and wants to help her fulfil her wish. In the end, Marta does not only find a friend but also courage to be true to herself. And Marta and the cat become a real dream team – a team that will help many other kids.
The first volume in a funny, magicalrealistic girl series by successful author Britta Sabbag – a series for all girls who sometimes need a secret (cat) friend who gives them courage and confidence

About Britta Sabbag

Britta Sabbag studied Psychology, Languages and Pedagogics and worked for six years in Human Resources. When the global economic crisis hit she decided to do what she always dreamt of doing: Writing. Her fist novel, “Pinguinwetter” (2012) became an immediate Spiegel Bestseller and was adpated as a theatre play. “Die kleine Hummel Bommel” also became a big success and a number 1 Spiegel Bestseller. Britta Sabbag lives with her family near Bonn.

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Britta Sabbag
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Magic Marta und der Wunderkater
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