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ISBN 978-3-7373-4026-7
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Leyla and Max have been an unlikely couple for a year now. Max, the handsome boy from a good family, and Leyla, a wallflower with foreign roots, as she characterizes herself. One day, the mysterious Red barges in on their world. Red is into geocaching and keeps coming up with new exciting caches. Red is a romantic who likes to swim in the lake during a thunderstorm at night. Red is very different from Max: spontaneous, crazy, passionate. Leyla falls head over heels, and against her will, in love with Red. What Leyla does not know: Max, who has such a hard time expressing his feelings, loves her beyond all measure, desperately, more than his own life. What Leyla does not know either: Red is a player, a hunter who deceives in order to get what he wants…

In atmospheric images and exceptional language Marlene Röder tells the story of a strong, desperate, boundless love which ends tragically. A book about strong emotions, passion and betrayal which leaves a lasting effect.

About Marlene Röder

Marlene Röder was born in Mainz, Germany in 1983. After training to become a stained-glass artist, she studied literature and art, and began writing novels at the same time. Her début novel Im Fluss received a prestigious award, as did her second novel Zebraland and the subsequent collection of stories Melvin, mein Hund und die russischen Gurken.

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Marlene Röder
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