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Duden 12+: Zi-Za-Zappelfinger Mein erstes Fingerspielbuch

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ISBN: 978-3-7373-3199-9


14 Pages, Pappebuch
publishing house:
FISCHER Duden Kinderbuch
publication date:
ISBN 978-3-7373-3199-9
1 years up


Hands wriggle, ears wiggle – Fun finger plays for our youngest!

  • Popular game principle with peepholes to reach through

  • Fun finger plays and rhymes ideal for children 12 months and older

  • Promotes language skills and motivates to improve fine motor skills at the same time

  • Every page features cute animals that are brought to life

About Carla Häfner

Carla Häfner was born in Braunschweig in 1978 and studied medicine in Göttingen, Boston and Ulm. Today she lives with her husband and three children in Neu-Ulm and works as a doctor and author.

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Carla Häfner
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Duden 12+: Zi-Za-Zappelfinger Mein erstes Fingerspielbuch
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