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Mal Aria

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ISBN 978-3-10-075141-6


In the evening, Carmen was still racing along the beach – but that night, she is woken by a cold pain. It’s the last day of holiday in her travels through the amazon. From one day to the next, the young woman finds herself fighting for her life. The doctors have no idea how to help her. Only one creature has the whole picture: the mosquito who bit Carmen, and who, connected to her by blood, now becomes the voice of nature, and the story’s eloquent narrator. He becomes ever more deeply connected to his victim, and draws the reader ever deeper into this story - a parable of the uncontrollable nature of life, and the great questions of being human. Compelling, dark, scintillating: a magical debut.

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Carmen Stephan, born in 1974, lives in Geneva. She spent several years living in Rio de Janeiro as an author. Her collection of stories Brasilia Stories was published in 2005. Her debut novel Mal Aria received the Literature Prize of the Jürgen Ponto Foundation 2012 and was awarded the Buddenbrookhaus Debut Prize 2013.

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Carmen Stephan
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