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ISBN 978-3-10-397462-1


In the wake of #MeToo, how should we think and talk about desire and power, exploitation and racism?

The #MeToo debates have launched a conversation on sexuality and exploitation that is only just beginning. They have raised urgent questions: which pictures and notions shape our ideas of desire and revulsion? How can we uncover and prevent violence? How are structures and norms created into which men, and women, and everyone else must fit? Who is silenced, who remains powerless? How can desire and sexuality be expressed fully – without sacrificing their ambiguity?
In a searching exploration of her own experiences, social habits, music, and literature, Carolin Emcke reveals how tangled and complicated the relationship between sexuality and truth can be.

About Carolin Emcke

Carolin Emcke, a recent recipient of the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade, studied philosophy in London, Frankfurt/Main, and Harvard. She has reported from regions in crisis around the globe as a journalist and freelance writer. Her books explore questions of violence, witnessing, and the terms of open, free democracy. “Yes means yes and …” arose out of a Lecture Performance held for the Schaubühne Berlin.

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Carolin Emcke
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Ja heißt ja und ...
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