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ISBN 978-3-596-18033-2


On 30 November 1989, Alfred Herrhausen, the spokesman of the board of Deutsche Bank, was killed by an explosion in Bad Homburg – one of the last murders carried out by the Red Army Faction. For eighteen years, the journalist and author Carolin Emcke kept silent about the RAF’s terror campaign and the assassination of her godfather Alfred Herrhausen.In this moving, equally personal and political text, Emcke launches a plea for an end to the silence between the terrorists and the victims of the RAF. Set aside from judicial penance (or mercy), she calls for a dialogue within society, for an emphatic clarification of what went on. Clarification as the price of liberty – this is the only way, according to Carolin Emcke, to help us really understand the years of German terrorism. The text is a moral plea against violence, but also against revenge and contempt as society’s reaction.

About Carolin Emcke

Carolin Emcke, a recent recipient of the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade, studied philosophy in London, Frankfurt/Main, and Harvard. She has reported from regions in crisis around the globe as a journalist and freelance writer. Her books explore questions of violence, witnessing, and the terms of open, free democracy. “Yes means yes and …” arose out of a Lecture Performance held for the Schaubühne Berlin.

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Carolin Emcke
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