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How can we tell of violence?

Why is it that violence so often leaves its victims silent? What does this mean for us, the unvictimized? For years, Carolin Emcke has travelled to countries torn apart by violence and war. Time and time again people have asked her to write down their stories.
Are there limits to our ability to understand others' experiences? Limits to what can be said? What conditions must a society create for victims of violence to be able to speak out about what they have suffered?
In her essays, Carolin Emcke confronts these questions with the conviction that it is not only possible but in fact necessary to tell of others' suffering – for the survivors as much as for the community in which we would want to live. She argues against "the indescribable" and in favour of an ethics of empathy and bearing witness.

"Carolin Emcke ... works with an unparalleled clarity of words and ideas, and with intellectual courage which one cannot help admiring."
Heribert Prantl

About Carolin Emcke

Carolin Emcke, a recent recipient of the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade, studied philosophy in London, Frankfurt/Main, and Harvard. She has reported from regions in crisis around the globe as a journalist and freelance writer. Her books explore questions of violence, witnessing, and the terms of open, free democracy. “Yes means yes and …” arose out of a Lecture Performance held for the Schaubühne Berlin.

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Carolin Emcke
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